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International Students Graduation Ceremony Held
2018-10-30 16:48   审核人:   (浏览:)


A ceremony marking the graduation of the class 2018 International Students (Master's Program) was held in Room 301, Unit A,

Administration Building, on the morning of June 29,2018.


Li Xiaochuan, vice president of the university, Zhang Zemin, Director, International Student Department, Shen Xiaowu, Deputy

Director , International Student Department , Cao Baoping, Deputy Director of the Chinese Department, and  relevant teachers

attended the meeting. Graduates from Indonesia and Thailand attended the ceremony.


Vice President Li Xiaochuan, on behalf of SISU, delivered a speech, in which he congratulated the students on the successful

completion of their master's degree and expressed his appreciation for the hard work of the teachers. Then teachers present expressed

their best wishes to the students.


On behalf of the school, Li Xiaochuan presented a commemorative gift to the students present, and took a group photo with all the


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