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SISU Students Participating in the “Ninth 20th Confucius Footing” Event
2018-10-30 16:45   审核人:   (浏览:)


Six SISU students, led by Luo Yueying, a staff of the SISU International Office, participated in the “Confucius Footing Event of

2018”, from July 5 to July 16,2018.

More than 300 teachers and students from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao had a two day training before they  

gathered in the auditorium of Taiwan Normal University for a press conference on the “Confucius Footing Event of 2018 on July 8,  

2018. After the conference, the students and teachers took their oath of Confucius education philosophy.


The students from more than 20 universities across the strait then headed to the elementary and secondary schools in the remote

areas in China, where they taught and helped the children under the guidance of Confucius education philosophy.


Thanks to their service, the children in those schools harvested knowledge, hope and happiness.




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