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First Congress of SISU Committee of the CPC Held
2017-11-07 12:17   审核人:   (浏览:)

The First Congress of SISU Committee ofCPC was convened on July,15 through 17, 2017.

Ming Guohui, secretary of the partycommittee,delivereda work report entitled‘Adhere to Reform & Innovation, Strengthen Connotative Development and Strive for the Construction of a High-Level Teaching & Research Oriented Foreign Studies University’on behalf of the committee. In the report he pointsout that over the past sixyears, SISU has adhered to strict party management, pressed aheadwith party development, and SISU has madesteady progress in terms of its educational excellence.The goal and key tasks of SISU in the following five yearsarealsooutlinedin the report.

The congress elected the members of theSISU Committee of the CPC and the SISU Commission for Discipline Inspection of CPCfor

the next term.

Party Secretary, Ming Guohui , delivering the work report

A Scene of the meeting

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