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SISU’s Seven-Member Beijing Opera Society
2016-11-03 17:08   审核人:   (浏览:)

SISU Beijing Opera Society , which is composed of seven members---Zhou Hao, Cheng Hui, Zheng Junjin, Ye Min, Yao Xiangdong, Wang Yaomin, Li Kaidi, headed to Xidian University in Xi An ,accompanied by their coach to attend the “The Twelfth National Higher Education Institutes Beijing Opera Competition and Symposium”.

After several days of fierce competition, SBO snatched one first prize, three second prizes, and three third prizes, and SISU was awarded the title of “Best Organizer”.

The event, which is themed on “inspiring life on campus with traditional Chinese art”, attracted 384 students from 96 universities and colleges. The student performers staged 380 shows in 13 rounds of competition.

Seminars and symposiums on Beijing Opera were held at the intervals of the competition.

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