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Delegates of Manson De Shopaa Royal Normal University, Thailand Visits SISU
2017-07-18 11:44   审核人:   (浏览:)

Sommai Mahabanpot,vice-president of the Manson De ShopaaRoyal Normal University of Thailand, and his cohorts visited SISU on  May 12. Li Xiaochuan, vice-president of SISU, met the guests in  Meeting Room 505 of the university library.


At the meeting, Vice-President Li Xiaochuan welcomed the guests, and briefed on SISUs history,falculties,  research institutions, disciplines,  and the Thai Language and Literature program in SISU.


Vice-PresidentSommai Mahabanpot thanked the host for the warm welcome, and praised SISUs achievements , and made detailed introduction toManson De ShopaaRoyal Normal University .


The two parties expressed their wish to enhance cooperation and  iniatiate faculty and student exchange programs..

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