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Four New Masters’ Degree Program Approved
2018-06-11 11:30   审核人:   (浏览:)


The recently released Notification of Approval for Doctor and Master’s Degree Programs Filed in the Year of 2017 by the Academic Degrees

Committee of the State Council, People’s Republic of China, announces that four master’s degree programs filed by SISU in 2017 -- Journalism  

and Communication, Education, Social Work Studies, and a Course Master’s Program in Education -- have been given official approval, and SISU

is eligible to offer those four new programs to the class of 2019.

Thus , SISU is eligible to offer Doctor’s Degree Program in one academic discipline that covers 13 subjects, Master’s Degree Program in 5 disciplines  

which encompass 44 subfields, and Course Master’s Degree Programs in 6 disciplines that have a coverage of 45 subjects. Among the disciplines,

literature, education, philosophy, and law are the most prominent.

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