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10th Annual Conference ofThe Editing and Publishing Committee of China Lexicography Society Held in SISU
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    Sponsored by the Editing and Publishing Committee of the Lexicography Society of China and undertaken by SISU, from August 29th to 30th, the 10th seminar opened in SISU, Chongqing. Li Keyong, president of SISU, attended the opening ceremony and addressed on behalf of the university.

    During the two-day symposium, Li Zhijiang and Zhang Yihua of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences respectively submitted discussion papers on Chinese and bilingual dictionary compiling and publishing standards on behalf of the Committee. The participants held a heated discussion on the standards , and reviewed the arrangement of the 12th annual conference of the Lexicographical Society of China. In addition, the attendees held a seminar on the future development of Chinese dictionaries after they inspected the SISU Institute of Lexicology,  which brought the seminar to a successful conclusion. 



A group photo

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