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Delegation of New Zealand-China Relation Promotion Committee Visit SISU
2017-11-07 12:58   审核人:   (浏览:)

Sir Don McKinnon, president of New Zealand-China Relation Promotion Committee, Mr. John McKinnon, ambassador of New Zealand to

China, Mr. Alistair Crozier, consul general of New Zealand in Chengdu, visited SISUon Sept.13, 2017. Xiao Chang, deputy director

of Consular Office of Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, Li Lan from the Office of America and Canada, Zhang Na, policy

consultant of Consulate General of New Zealand in Chengdu, accompanied the guests.

President Li Keyong met the guests in the reception room in Hong Wen Building and briefed them on the historical evolution and present situation of SISU.Later, President Don McKinnon thanked the hosts for the reception and outlined the history and mission of the New Zealand-China Relation Promotion Committee.He also expressed his wish for New Zealand teenagers to come to SISU

for exchange and study. Li Xiaochuan, vice-president of SISU, and Zhang Youbin, deputy director of International Office of

SISU, attended the meeting.

After the talk, the delegation had a meeting with SISU teachers and students accompanied by Vice-President Li Xiaochuan.

President Don McKinnon said that in recent years, China New Zealand had enjoyed fruitful cooperation in education, trade,

tourism and other fields. A“Mandarin fever”is emerging in New Zealand,as more and more students are learning Chinese and

become interested in the Chinese culture.The establishment of Confucius Institute has greatly facilitated their learning of

Chinese.He hoped that more Chinese students would go and study in New Zealand in the future.Then, the two sides had discussion

on issues such as immigration policies of the two countries, prospect of dairy market, development of tourism, as well as exchange of international students.

President Li Keyong meeting President Don McKinnon at the reception room

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