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SISU Welcomes Hungarian Diplomats
2016-05-17 19:02   审核人:   (浏览:)

Consul General Balázs Szilágyi, from Consulate General of Hungary in Chongqing, and Buslig Szonja Andrea ,Counselor of Embassy of Hungary in Beijing, visited SISU on March 31, 2016. President Li Keyong warmly welcomed the guests and the two parties held a friendly talk .

SISU offers a program of Hungarian Language and Literature ,which the Consulate General of Hungary in Chongqing and Embassy of Hungary in Beijing have much to contribute.

The host and the guests discussed possible inter-collegiate collaborations between SISU and Hungarian universities.They expressed their wish to cooperate on Hungarian Language teacher training program, library books and reference materials collection project. Cultural exchange programs and events were also proposed.

The guests voiced their wish to contribute to the growth of SISU’ Hungarian Language and Literature Program and the organization of cultural exchange activities.

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