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Foreign Teachers Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival
2019-11-25 16:49   审核人:   (浏览:)

   In the morning of September 11, five SISU foreign teachers participated in the Mid-Autumn  

Festival Event at Banan Peoples Plaza, co-hosted by Publicity Department of Chongqing

Municipal Committee, Chongqing Culture and Tourism Development Committee, Banan District

Committee and Banan District People's Government, for getting a taste of Chinas

intangible cultural heritage.


  The teachers experienced many local folk culture activities, such as Banan Embroidery,

  Dragon Dance, Banan Folk Song, Chongqing Dough Sculpture, Paper Cutting, etc. All of them

  showed great interest in and passion for the event, participating in different activities.

  In their words, such event not only gave them a closer look at Chinas intangible cultural

  heritage, but also made it easier for them to experience the festivity of the Chinese

  traditional festival.


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