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National Peking Opera Company Performs at SISU
2019-08-04 11:09   审核人:   (浏览:)


On May 22rd,  a special Beijing opera show as a component of the “2019 High Art into Campus” Program sponsored by Ministry of

Education, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Ministry of Finance successfully staged in the Auditorium at SISU’s east campus.

The performance started with a famous episode of the Peking Opera titled San Cha Kou. The show centers on the scene where Liu Lihua and Ren Tanghui fought with each other in the room of an inn in the middle of night. The actors carrying out a series of difficult jumps, flipping and martial arts movements inspired wonder in the audience.

Another episode from Hong Niang (the happy maid)  was also staged, and was a great success with the audience.

The character Hong Niang with classical lines was so humorous and witty that the audience enjoyed the night very much.



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