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Deputy Head of Mission Embassy of Canada to China Visits SISU
2019-05-30 11:31   审核人:   (浏览:)


A delegation headed by Jim Nickel, Deputy Head of Mission at Embassy of

Canada to China, payed a visit to SISU on March 22, 2019. Li Keyong, President of SISU, and Li Xiaochuan, Vice President met the guests in the Experimental

Center of Foreign Affairs.


Li Keyong expressed his warmest welcome the delegation. In his words, SISU would like to conduct more in-depth and extensive cooperation and exchanges with Canadian universities. Jim Nickel complimented SISU on its achievement in and contribution to Canadian Studies, and extended his gratitude for SISU’s warm

receptions to Canadian political dignitaries and ambassadors. Later on, the two

sides conducted discussions on the promotion of French language and of inter-university cooperation and exchanges. The deputy said in the meeting that he was

willing to provide more support for the cooperation and exchanges between SISU and Canadian universities, and he also welcome more and more SISU teachers and students to come to Canada for communication, study and research.



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