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SISU 2018 Autumn Sports Meeting Kicks Off
2019-05-14 12:31   审核人:   (浏览:)


SISU’s 2018 Autumn Sports Meeting kicked off on the sports field of  SISU’s west campus on November 1, 2018. Ming Guohui (SISU CPC Party Committee

Secretary), Li Keyong (President of SISU), Zhang Yan (SISU CPC Party Committee Deputy Secretary), and Vice Presidents of SISU including Li Yan, Li Xiaochuan, Dong Hongchuan, Zhen Bailing and Zhu Chaowei, and Zhang Hongliang (former SISU CPC Party Committee Secretary), Wang Lunan (former Vice

President of SISU), the staff in charge of departments of SISU and teacher representatives attended and watched the opening ceremony. Gu Jing, Director of

Party and Government Office of SISU, presided over the opening ceremony.

Teacher line dance, student cheerleading and “run towards health” activity climaxed the ceremony. In the activity, SISU leaders headed the teacher running

team, spreading the spirit of attaining fitness and enthusiasm for sports to everyone there.



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