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Professor Nasima of Tlemcen University Algeria Visits SISU
2018-12-29 17:40   审核人:   (浏览:)


On September 30th, Li Xiaochuan, Vice President of SISU, met with Professor

Nasima of Tlemcen University , Algeria, in Room 401, Administration Building A, West Campus.

Vice President Li Xiaochuan extended warm welcome to Professor Nasima and  

expressed heartfelt gratitude for her role as a bridge and achievements in

promoting the exchanges between the two universities. He said that in the future, SISU will strengthen its Arabic Language program and hope the two universities can further cooperation in all aspects.

Professor Nasima said that at Mr Wang Ruis invitation ( Wang Rui is the

Chinese name of a  Syrian teacher working in SISU) she was very happy to have the opportunity to cooperate with the best foreign language university in western China and thanked the warm reception of SISU. She hoped that the two

universities would further strengthen student exchange and faculty development. She proposed to form an academic committee to promote these exchanges.  


A group photo

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