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SISU Postgraduate Supervisors Conference Held
2018-03-08 17:45   审核人:   (浏览:)

SISU Postgraduate Supervisors Conference was convened in SISU on January 1st, 2018. The leaders of SISU including Ming Guohui, Dong Hongchuan, Zheng Bailing and Zhu Chaowei, and the supervisors of both doctoral candidates and master degree candidates of SISU, the

heads of departments with master degree or doctoral degree programs as well as the office staff for the programs attended the conference.

The conference was hosted by President Li Keyong.


Vice President Dong Hongchuan made a keynote speech titled Postgraduate Education Work Report, in which he reported on the status quo of SISU postgraduate education from eight perspectives: academic disciplines, faculty staff, students, education quality, student employ-ment, management mechanism, academic platforms  and international program exchange. In his report, he also outlined plans for further 

reform and development aimed to comprehensively improve the academic empowerment and tenure promotion systems of the supervisors

and measures for building SISU into a first-rate university in terms of individual academic discipline and the comprehensive strength of the university as a whole , which is abbreviated as double first-rate project.


Ming Guohui, the Party Committee Secretary of SISU, pointed out that this conference is part of the concrete actions to implement the 

“Double First-Rate” policy outlined by the Party Committee of SISU. He also commented that this conference serves as an opportunity to reach common understandings for reforming and promoting postgraduate education in SISU.  

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