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SISU Volunteers Set Out for the Forum: CPC in Dialogue with the World 2016
2016-12-02 16:40   审核人:   (浏览:)

On themorningof Oct. 12,SISU volunteers set out to work at“The CPC in Dialogue with the World 2016”Forum.

A brief ceremony was heldat the Intrnational LectureHallHongwen Building, east campus of SISU,to mark the occasion.The activity was co-hosted by Chongqing Municipal Youth League Committee, Chongqing Municipal Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs and SISU. Representativesof the volunteers expressed theirconfidencein offering the bestvolunteer servicefor the Forum.

The SISU volunteer team consists of more than20 teachers and 200 students.

The leadersattendingthe ceremonyare: Ye Lina, Deputy Secretary of Chongqing Municipal Youth League Committee and Chief of the Chongqing Youth VolunteerAssociation;Zhu Chaowei, Vice President of SISU;Xu Jie, Head of the Personnel and Organization Division of Chongqing Municipal Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, and Xiang Qian, Director of the Chongqing Voluntary Service Guidance Center. They extended gratitude and expectation for the volunteers.

It’s reported that“The CPC in Dialogue with the World 2016”has attractedthe largest number of high-rankingforeignofficialstoChongqing in recent years. Volunteers willoffer service toover 200 leaders of 80 political parties and organizations from more than 50 countries and regions, as well as over 100Chineseministries leaders, experts,scholars andcelebritiesfrom industrial and commercial circles.

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