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SISU Offers Hungarian Language Program
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Oct 21, 2016

Theopeningceremonyfor SISU’s firstHungarianProgram was held in theInternationalLecturehall, HongwenBuilding, east campusofSISU.

Mr.Jutola Ruiert, thesecretaryofinternationaleconomic and tradedepartmentofHungarianForeign Ministry, Mr.Diossi Loarand, council general of theConsulate Generalof Hungary in Chongqing, Ms.Dott Mesaros Marta, director of theinternationaleconomic anddepartmentofHungarianForeign Ministry,ChinaDivision, and some staff memember of General Consulate of Hungary in Chongqing attended the ceremony.

Other distinguised guests present at the ceremony are :Wei Xi,a staff member of theOfficeofEuropeandAfrica,Foreign and Overseas Affairs Office of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, Li Bin, deputydirectorof the International Office ofChongqing Municipal Education Commission, Chen Guoyan, the former Chinese ambassador to Hungary and an outstanding alumni of SISU, Li Keyong, president of SISU, Professor Guo Kunyu,Eva Toth,aHungarian teacher,andheads of other schools of SISU, professors andstudentsof theHungarianProgramattended the ceremony.The ceremony was chaired by vice president Wang Lunan.

At the ceremony, president Li Keyong delivered a welcome speech andbriefed the audience of a profile ofSISU, andthe rational behind the goals of the Hungarian Program.

Mr.Jutola Ruiertin his speech, said highly ofSISU’sHungarianProgram.He thanked the university for overcoming all kinds of obstacles to materialize this program. According to him,12 universities inHungaryhaveofferedChineseProgram, which significantly contributed to a warm tie between Hungary and China. He also pointed out that the Hungarain governments’“Opening-upEastward”policy is concordant with China’s“One belt and one road”initiative. AndEotvos Lorand Universityin Hungaryhas establishedtheInstitutefor the Study of the“OneBeltand One Road”.

At the ceremony,Mr.Jutola Ruiertand president Li Keyong jointly unveiled theplaque bearing the name of the program. The Hungarian Program is affiliated to the School of International Relations.

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