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> International Students Attend Traditional Chinese Coming-of-Age Ceremony   (访问:) 04-06 
> The Confucius Institute at the National Language University of Nizhny Novgorod Celebrates...   (访问:) 04-06 
> SISU Dancers Shine at UCWDC Country Dance World Championships   (访问:) 03-02 
> Wang Wenqiu Recognized as “Confucius Institutes Individual of Excellent Performance, 201...   (访问:) 03-02 
> Pro. Cheng Xianguang and Pro. Sun Zhixiang from SISU were recognized for their “Outstand...   (访问:) 03-02 
> Contemporary International Discourse Research Institute Unveiled   (访问:) 03-02 
> New Campus for the International Business School , SISU Breaks Ground   (访问:) 03-02 
> Israeli Ambassador to China Visits SISU   (访问:) 12-02 
> Vice- Chancelor of U.K. University of Essex Visits SISU   (访问:) 12-02 
> SISU Volunteers Set Out for the Forum: CPC in Dialogue with the World 2016   (访问:) 12-02 
> SISU Offers Hungarian Language Program   (访问:) 12-02 
> SISU President Awarded the Knight of the Order of “the Star of Italy”   (访问:) 12-02 
> Representatives of University of Sunderland, UK, Visit SISU   (访问:) 11-03 
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