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> SISU Delegation Visits University of Essex, UK   (访问:) 11-25 
> SISU Lexicography Researchers Attend   (访问:) 11-25 
> SISU Delegation Visits Three Vietnamese Universities   (访问:) 11-25 
> Foreign Teachers Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival   (访问:) 11-25 
> SISU Students Harvest Prizes in the 9th “Shitu Cup” National College Students Vietnames...   (访问:) 11-25 
> Delegation Headed by Li Xiaochuan (Vice President of SISU) Visits Eötvös Loránd Universit...   (访问:) 11-21 
> Book Giving Ceremony Held at Chongqing College of Multi-Languages of SISU   (访问:) 11-21 
> Opening Ceremony of 2019 Sino-Aus Undergraduate Program in Business English Kicks off at ...   (访问:) 11-21 
> Delegation Headed by Vice-Chancellor of University of Essex Visits SISU   (访问:) 11-21 
> Delegation Headed by Rector of Voronezh State University Visits SISU   (访问:) 11-21 
> The First National Intercollegiate Model BRICS Conference Held in SISU   (访问:) 11-21 
> The 6th Chongqing Youth Film Festival Kicks off   (访问:) 11-21 
> The First Dubbing Competition of West China Animation Cultural Festival Concluded   (访问:) 11-21 
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