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> Myeongsook Yoon, Vice President of Chonbuk National University,Korea, Visits SISU   (访问:) 01-02 
> University of Strathclyde Delegates Visit SISU   (访问:) 01-02 
> Russian University Holds Traditional Chinese Costume Show   (访问:) 01-02 
> 5th Chongqing Youth Film Festival-Japan Films Opens   (访问:) 12-29 
> Delegation of the University of Lodz, Poland Visit SISU   (访问:) 12-29 
> Delegation from the University of Syracuse, Katowice, Poland Visit SISU   (访问:) 12-29 
> Professor Nasima of Tlemcen University Algeria Visits SISU   (访问:) 12-29 
> SISU Delegation Headed by Vice President Zheng Bailing Visit Russian University   (访问:) 12-29 
> SISU Teacher Working in Thailand Awarded “Special Contribution Award”   (访问:) 12-29 
> 10th Annual Conference ofThe Editing and Publishing Committee of China Lexicography Soci...   (访问:) 12-29 
> Foreign Teachers of SISU Participate in Chinese Character Calligraphy Salon   (访问:) 12-29 
> Professor Wang Yin Attends the Hokkaido International Conference on Cognitive Translation...   (访问:) 12-29 
> Professor Wang Yin Wins the First Prize of English-Chinese Academic/Translation Award   (访问:) 12-29 
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