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> Lecture on Traditional Chinese Medicine Held by Confucius Institute at University of Lome   (访问:) 11-07 
> College of Translation and Interpreting , SISU, and the Faculty of Humanity University o...   (访问:) 11-07 
> Delegation of University of Newcastle, Australia, Visit SISU   (访问:) 11-07 
> Confucius Institute at University of West Florida Participates in the Fourth Dragon Boat ...   (访问:) 11-07 
> Delegation of New Zealand-China Relation Promotion Committee Visit SISU   (访问:) 11-07 
> First Congress of SISU Committee of the CPC Held   (访问:) 11-07 
> Vice President Zhu Chaowei Lectured at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada   (访问:) 07-18 
> Professor Wang Renqiang Attends Seminar Held in Greece   (访问:) 07-18 
> Delegates of Manson De Shopaa Royal Normal University, Thailand Visits SISU   (访问:) 07-18 
> Vice President Zhu Chaowei Attends the 12th Asia Pacific Regional Conference of AUF   (访问:) 06-01 
> International Students Attend Traditional Chinese Coming-of-Age Ceremony   (访问:) 04-06 
> Confucius Institute at the University of Lome Sees a Record Development   (访问:) 04-05 
> President of the University of Sunderland Visits SISU   (访问:) 04-05 
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