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> Prof. Wang Renqiang Attends International Academic Symposium Held in Hungary   (访问:) 11-07 
> “Highlights of Xiamen Summit and the Future of BRICs”   (访问:) 11-07 
> Professor Wang Renqiang Attends Seminar Held in Greece   (访问:) 07-18 
> Vice- Chancelor of U.K. University of Essex Visits SISU   (访问:) 12-02 
> “Sino-Russian University Alliance of Journalism Education ” Founded   (访问:) 11-03 
> Ceremony for the Founding of the Country Studies Department of CIISS Held   (访问:) 11-03 
> Professor Wang Yin Lectures in Claremont Graduate University   (访问:) 07-06 
> Prof. Li Keyong Attends the 7th National Language Education Symposium   (访问:) 07-06 
> Prof. Wang Renqiang Attends the Second International Conference on “Grammaticalization T...   (访问:) 07-06 
> Prof. Li Weimin Speaks at Xiangshan International Symposium   (访问:) 03-31 
> Vice-president Wang Lu’nan Attends the 5th National Conference on Cognitive Neuro-Lingui...   (访问:) 03-31 
> SISU Professors, Headed by Prof. Wang Yin, Attend The Fourth High-Level Forum on Chinese ...   (访问:) 03-31 
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