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> Conference on the Blue Book of Yu-Xin-Ou Held   (访问:) 05-14 
> SISU Industry-University Cooperative Education Program Approved by Ministry of Education   (访问:) 05-14 
> 10th Annual Conference ofThe Editing and Publishing Committee of China Lexicography Soci...   (访问:) 12-29 
> SISU Makes Breakthrough in NSSFC Key Projects Grant   (访问:) 12-29 
> SISU Professor Wins the Chinese Academic Translator Grant   (访问:) 10-30 
> SISU Teacher Awarded a Research Grant by the National Natural Science Foundation of Chin...   (访问:) 10-30 
> Preschool Education Added to SISU Bachelor’s Degree Program   (访问:) 06-13 
> Four New Masters’ Degree Program Approved   (访问:) 06-11 
> Signing Ceremony Held for Cooperation between Chongqing Research Center of CEECs of CASC ...   (访问:) 03-08 
> President Li Keyong Attends the 2018 Annual Symposium of Chinese Council on BRICS Think ...   (访问:) 03-08 
> The First SISU Teachers Congress and Labor Union Congress Convened   (访问:) 03-08 
> Prof. Wang Renqiang Attends International Academic Symposium Held in Hungary   (访问:) 11-07 
> “Highlights of Xiamen Summit and the Future of BRICs”   (访问:) 11-07 
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